Friday, May 15, 2009

That Was Then....

Two or three days of not getting connected caused a setback to my series of look-backs at the 07 Alaska trip. We hope that will be helpful for all those doing the trip now, or soon. In Whitehorse tonight, we once again took care of a chip in the windshield (got it in S. Dakota NOT here!) Our good friend and consummate professional, George Sahlstrom, the Glass Doctor, the Glass Magnum Man was called in for the job. He has perfected his skill and elevated it to an art. If you are making this trip and the windshield does the "boo boo" thing, just save it for George when you get into Whitehorse. He'll come to you! Here's what we wrote last time around:


Remember, two years ago we were running the gauntlet a week later than we are this year, so we were not this far along:

May 10, 2007 Why, Oh Why, Wyoming

Also, May 10, we posted this: Owning Montana

May 11 Checking Your Altitude

There were four posts that went up on May 12, 2007:

Ahead Of Our Time

RV-ing Northern Montana

The Forest And The Trees

And this back-by-demand classic: Our Readers Ask

By May 13, we were in Alberta and posted: Alberta, Canada, EH? This post tells the tale of meeting Gary and Judy Skaggs for the very first time.

And finally (it was a busy week wasn't it???) we visited The Calgary Olympics- which had been over for years by the time we got there! A Ticket To The Winter Olympics

That's a look back at this week- two years ago on our first ever run to Alaska....

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