Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finding The Center of the Universe

Having found my wonderful Great While Buffalo, I thought my accomplishments for the week were more than ample. Buffalo of peace and love restoreth calm to the camping life of an American tax payer. But Marilyn had an idea. "If we leave one day early and make a short day to break up the long run of the following day, we can actually find and stay in the Geographical Center of the United States." In the French town of Belle Fourche (pronounced Bell Foosh), which is also the county seat of Butte, South Dakota. How it came to pass that the center of the United States is actually a French town amidst the land of the Sioux and the Lakota I have no idea and no recollection of ever having heard. (But see the link provided to Wikipedia to read history of the town) But ya can't fight such things; they are where they are and they are what they are. Now I'm one for taking what I've learned and projecting it out a bit to see if I can make some rhyme or reason out of it. So the way I see it, if this is the geographical center of the United States, and I am living in a motor coach and only one day away from having visited ALL of the 49 states I can actually get to with the coach....then surely the United States is "My Universe" and I am now plop smack in the middle of it. How cool is that! Does it mean anything? It must! Is it important? It must be! But like most things, it takes a while to get the perspective you need to put things into, well, perspective. For now I can say I have been here. My love and I (and my little dog too) have visited the center of our universe, and sooner or later it will be made clear to me just why that was a necessary thing to do. Maybe it was only because Marilyn thought it was a good idea. I have learned full well that challenging the navigator of your life is a rather poor idea. You point! Me drive!

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