Friday, May 1, 2009

Last Minute Musts

The only thing that isn’t fun about full time life on the road is the occasional slap in the face you get from the stuff you still have to deal with that you can’t escape, but which has absolutely nothing to do with life on the road. There must be several items in this category, but right now I’m thinking about taxes. Only taxes. No matter how far I run and no matter how fast I travel, they, and the implications that accompany them, always manage to find me. Late enough to need to file an extension, but find me none-the-less. I suppose it is only fitting, though, that the day I have to deal with them is the day after I see the Crazy Horse Monument. Crazy Horse, who once said: “The only promise the government ever made to me and kept was that they were going to take our land….” Crazy Horse, who when asked by a politician where all his land was now, replied, “My land is where my people are buried.” And Crazy Horse, who was stabbed in the back by a “soldier” under a flag of truce. Hey! I’m no Crazy Horse. But he and I are both spiritually fed up with the feds right about now, and have to hope our spirits will survive the conflict.
He, at least, is well on his way. And I for one am happy about that! When the monument to the “Red Man” is finally completed, built totally with private donations and tourist fees and totally without federal funds, guests will actually be able to look “through” the open space in the sculpture and see, off in the distance, a very small-in-comparison tribute to the “White Presidents of Rushmore.” The Indians will once again be restored to their land in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota without any say from the US Government. I love this country- but this will be as it should be. We’ll do it on our own with what we have been given! Mother Earth will be pleased and at peace.

For now, the checks are written and mailed with the tax forms. I’m done for another year. The money has been spent before it has even been received. This cannot be the process that was ever intended or envisioned.

The final provisioning for the trip onward to Alaska is complete. One final stop at a beautiful and well displayed Rapid City Cabelas and good to go. One final visit to the post office to send certified mail. A few fill-in-the-blanks groceries. One day left to tour and play in this so-incredibly-much-to-do locale. Then, covers on the toad (towed) , un-circle the wagons, lift the jacks, and roll on…. Alaska or Bust! And maybe after this year’s taxes- both!

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