Friday, May 7, 2010

What Next?

Last couple weeks we have been dealing with grief management and family business. Apparently now I need to add some anger management to the mix. And I'm writing this not so much to vent anything as to solicit some help to right what I see as a mega injustice. The Mammoth Ivory Tusk that hung above the sales counter in the Outpost of the Chicken Gold Camp in one of our all time favorite places in this world- Chicken Alaska- was stolen at a recent break in to the Outpost. Something like this should not happen in Chicken Alaska, and for certain it must not be allowed to stand. I know I have a lot of Alaska fans and some residents with good connections there among my readers, so I'm asking for your help- anything you can do. Be on the watch for the appearance or the sale of ivory that seems to be out of the ordinary. Talk to native products dealers in your town- carving, etching, etc. Mike Busby is asking for photos of the tusk (if you have any good ones especially) to be posted on his Face Book page or on the page of the Chicken Gold Camp. The Busbys work sun up to sun down to find and archive such precious artifacts from the region. Those of you who have been there know that sun up to sun down- in the land of the midnight sun- means they work tirelessly and endlessly to preserve such wonderful pieces.They BELONG in Chicken. This particular specimen was just awesome in size and quality. Check your pictures if you have been to the camp. Post what you have that may help or send it to me to do the same. Touch bases in your community with those who might get a lead. That this can happen in Chicken and to these honest and hard working and fun loving people really ticks me off! They are the kind of people that make Alaska the amazing place it is. Let's pull all the stops to see if there is anything the readers of this post can do to set things right!

Below is my only even decent photo of the tusk. Click on the picture to enlarge it. The tusk is hanging in the photo upper left over the sales counter. It's not the perfect picture- but it's a start! can you help????