Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yuma Daytrip

Our "Happy Tuesday" group took a field trip to Yuma to explore two venues: the Imperial Date Farm which is technically partially in Arizona and partially in California, and the Old Yuma Territorial Prison. Two fantastic stops with a luncheon at Lute's Casino (which used to be a casino but no longer is).

 At the date farm, the trees were in their dormant phase but we got a good look at them and a tour of the processing plant. At the prison, we enjoyed the personal stories (maybe enjoyed is not the right word) of a great many of the former inmates. Some very colorful characters inhabited this place for a time and it was certainly not an easy time at all. Think about 6 prisoners in a small, unheated, uncooled stone cell not really big enough for six people with only one small bucket to be used as a toilet. It was hard to look at the cells and imagine just how bad that must have been. No white collar cells at this prison.


Slide Show Date Farm and Territorial Prison: