Friday, May 15, 2009

Still Photos Only

Here's a few of the still shots I've been trying to get to upload using Yukon Wifi. No mosquitoes yet, but still need to "work some bugs out!"

Go Rams! (Stone Sheep)

Muncho Lake Thaw Begins

Acting Sheepish

A Close Brush With A Moose

Foxy Lady Picnic (Cross Fox)

Running Bear!

Wild Life (Liard Hot Springs)


Chris said...

I *still* remember Liard hot springs from 1960s! It was really hot. Sure would like a hot springs now ... we're freezing here in Iowa. 45 degrees, rainy.

Greg said...

Love Liard Hot Springs!But two years ago there was an unprovoked bear attack there on the boardwalk that killed two and seriously injured two more. It is readily searchable on the internet. Bears in this part of the country are SEEMINGLY becoming more aggressive. warming? encroachment? lack of hunting pressure- I don't know. We take a measured jaunt into the woods each time. Be aware. Stay aware.Carry repellent. Or be able to run faster than your companions.....