Friday, May 22, 2009

Poking Around Tok

We're seeing what's in Tok, talking up the Outpost, meeting folks we'll need to do business with, and taking care of a few remaining items of our own that need dispensing sooner or later, where sooner would be better but later would be easier.

Meanwhile, here's a few look-backs at the 2007 trip up the Alcan Highway:

The Great Alaskan Highway Begins

Mile Marker 300

"Yu-Kon" If You Try Hard Enough

When The Waterfall Is Closed


squawmama said...

Hi... We visited your blog today and my husband just about read it all... We full time in a 40' motorhome and are going to be going to Alaska next summer... Love all that you have posted. Come on over and visit. I am adding you to my favorites...

Travel Safe

Denice & Dennis said...

Denice and I continue to follow your very intersting "Blog" daily. As we have been to Alaska twice (Once a cruise, and again a couple of years later in a "C Class" RV) we find your photos and comments bring back lots of memories. Just today as we were aboiut 100 miles noth of Calgary in our ELTORO1 ("A Class RV - 2003 Newmar Country Star) we commented that "Lets just continue on North to Alaska". Its sure tempting!! And now I just see in my latest e-mail from RV Magazine that you are featured as a "Must Follow Blog"

Greg said...

Thanks, Donna, welcome! Be sure to put Chicken on your itinerary for next year!

Greg said...

Thanks Dennis and Denice for that good news. Hey, we're settled in Chicken. C'mon up!