Monday, May 21, 2007

"Yu-kon" If You Try Hard Enough

Not much integration between photo and commentary in this post ( if ever there was). From the Yukon Territory, where the connectivity is little more than an occasional “internet Laundromat.” We sent e mails to “loved ones” as follows:
“We have spent our first day in the Yukon Territory. It is far easier to find elk, bear, caribou, fox, deer, beaver and a whole host of other glorious creatures than it is to find an internet connection! We say that to make a point about the wonder of the wildlife, not to complain about the lack of technical wizardry- although staying connected is part of our challenge; which is why I find myself writing to all of you this evening from Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, from, yes, an internet Laundromat! My clothes are all clean; I just needed the connection, thank you very much, Elvis.
Having an amazing time! Even for someone who fancies themselves a writer of sorts, there are no words to pass along the wonders of this place. It simply must be seen, or forsaken.
We expect to be without cell phone now for some time. This e mail is evidence that even in the wilderness, technology provides a link to the outside world if you just seek it out.
Best to send an e mail if you need to contact us and we will pick it up asap.
Think of you all far more often than we have the time to write individually; please don’t take that to heart- just keep in touch with the blog which will still get published as often as possible now. Link provided now at end of signature- just click and go….”
The sign forest at Watson Lake is perhaps what this thriving town of a couple dozen people or so is most famous for. There are probably more people than that based on the services here, but they’re not advertising population so I don’t know. Surely it is more than Liard at the Hot Springs which had about 29 people in residence. At 104 degrees F we bathed in the springs in lieu of shower and sewer connections at the adjoining campground where the ground was still frozen and things weren’t quite up to par yet.
We are running ahead of the madding crowd at this point and happy to have it that way. Left behind in our diesel exhaust are the weekenders and family outing types. Those of us leapfrogging down (make that “up”) the highway now are all booking it for Alaska. No longer the gold rush, now the salmon rush is in full regalia. I contemplated seriously tonight buying my Yukon fishing license and taking some of the grayling that are being caught at ice out edge in the lakes in the area- but to fish here now would only slow me down, and if nothing else now, I am “gold-rush-pitched” to get to Alaska and wet a line. No doubt the time and place is here for good fishing, but the allure of what has called to me all my life is only a few days away and I am feeling driven to keep going. As soon as I cross the border, I will be most happy to drop my fishing license fee into the state coffers. Alaska: I’m coming, honey. Just give me several more days!

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