Thursday, May 10, 2007

Owning Montana

Some random thoughts on today's drive through the first leg of our three day stint in Montana:

Who owns Montana anyway? You can drive for absolutely hours and not see anyone or anything other than the deer and the antelope playing in a giant field of grass. That's cool, don't get me wrong. But I'm used to someone establishing boundaries, putting up a fence or at least a "No Trespassing" sign and telling all where they can and can't go. Of course as we looked over the expansive grasslands today, we wondered how in the world we would get "over there" even if we wanted to as we were already on the only road around. If anyone does own Montana, they aren't talking about it. Probably don't want to pay those massive property taxes. And further more, if there IS someone living on the other side of this hill - that I can't see is over there - where exactly do they go shopping. No people. No stores. No RV repair centers for sure!!!! Keep on trucking! Oh wait, there's a sign for a saloon just up ahead:

Stonewood Saloon: Cheap Beer, Lousy Food

OK, now I want to know who comes here for even the cheapest beer, especially if the food is lousy? I still don't see anyone around the joint. Beautiful state, but mystifying!

At the end of the day, we crossed the Little Bighorn River and site of Custer's Last Stand. Custer's men are buried in the cemetery there, but he himself was "transplanted" back East somewhere near West Point. That is one of history's battles that I do have a particular interest in. It was a battle that had to be fought. It was a battle that had to be won, for both sides. But in the long run, no one won the battle and all were lost in the end.

OK, Now I'm wondering how long that Stonewood Saloon has been around. Maybe the General and the boys stopped in for some cheap beer and lousy food before heading into that valley of death. It mighta happened that way- cause Lord knows I still don't see anyone around here.

Jacks Are Wild
This is not a poker term in Montana. (There's no one here to play poker- even at the saloon) Here it means you might see a Jack Rabbit or a Jack Ass or even the mythical Jack-alope. And whatever you see- it for sure will be wild- cause ain't no one around these here parts other than the jacks!

I'm anxious to see more of Montana. There must be someone around somewhere...and I want to know who owns Montana!!!

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