Saturday, May 12, 2007

Our Readers Ask:

Our readers ask:

"Greg, How were you able to get those incredible shots of those magnificent buffaloes you used in previous blogs?"


"I'm so glad you asked. Actually I have modified a technique once used by the wagon train scouts to get close to the herd. Indians used this trick to get close enough to get a shot with a bow and arrow on hunting trips as well. Since I don't have an actual buffalo hide (called a robe) and head to use, I creep onto the Plains wearing a fleece blanket with Koala bears on it (brown side out; green side down) while wearing a cheap buffalo head hat from Mt. Rushmore souvenir shop. I try to stay relatively still in the field in more or less a "Christina's World" position until I can get my shot. I'm always happy to answer your tough questions. Thanks for writing in..."

The technique is illustrated below:

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