Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mile Marker 300

The bad news is: we had yet another day of driving in rain and cold and snow.
The good news is: We saw a Sasquatch sighting along the way at the posting crossing. The campground there, as the one we are in tonight, cannot guarantee that you can pump your sewage (the ground is still quite frozen) but they, unlike where we are tonight, can guarantee a daily sighting of the Bigfooted One.

We had heard it was expensive in Alaska. One can only hope that it is not as expensive as the Canadian Provinces. To save on water and sewer and all that good stuff that we do not have tonight we had a drink and dinner in the "neighborhood Pub." Ouch!!! At least the campground was only 13 dollars US. ( It was worth about $3.00) But that's still a deal here, boy!

900 miles now to the Alaska border; 1200 to Fairbanks. We be comin'! Slow but sure.

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