Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog

Jeremiah was a bullfrog;
was a good friend of mine...
Ah, but Rudolph was a Caribou,
Who knew?
Caribou, when domesticated and raised in such a herd- are REINDEER, making the famed Christmas Rudolph, the red-nosed caribou. This critter was NOT domesticated so he was a true caribou, and as a lot, they are skittish and spooky and don't hang around for a photo op ("now dash away, dash away, dash away all"), which is why this is the first image of one we have posted. We had cameras at the ready, traveling as slow as possible, and prepared to stop and jump out to capture at least one image, which is exactly what happened here. Gorgeous animal! Maybe not the best shot! But the best of the shots I got so it will have to do until I get a better one.

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