Saturday, May 19, 2007

Great Alaska (ALCAN) Highway Begins

Dawson Creek, BC, Canada, the beginning mile "0" of the Great Alaska Highway. Well! We made it this far. 1500 miles from here to Fairbanks, Alaska, which for now is the aim of our plan. Weather corrections may need to be made. We arrived here today to four inches of snow which was promptly melted by a couple inches of rain, which in turn made for a soggy, muddy mess as the frost is just now coming out of the ground anyway. We 'bucket washed" the coach in near freezing temps because you could barely see it anymore after all the road grime that collected on it today.
Today's thrill was a quick pull-over at a creek crossing where a huge bald eagle was "looking fish" as they used to say on Roatan. Perhaps he just looked extra large because he was only about 50 feet away on the gravel bar. Eventually he flew off up stream; no time to grab the camera, but it was one of those up close and personal images that leaves a picture in your mind forever.

Click on pic below to read about the highway construction and Dawson Creek...

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