Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Unpaid Advertisement!

In the Yukon Territory, there are three, not two, things that are certain. Death. Taxes. And Dings in your windshield!
New friends from the road traveling now behind us, and friends who know they will be passing by this way at some time: TAKE A NOTE!
The locals call him The Glass Doctor, but the yellow pages call him Glass Magnum. We saw his sign headed into the town of Whitehorse. George Sahlstrom, working neat as a pin in a white shirt and a surgeon's apron, is gainfully self employed doing "highest quality in all forms of glass repair." Plain and simple, he's a windshield man. The rest can call him what they like, but after he put a perfect fix on a mega bullseye with a crack starting to run in our front windshield today, we now think of him as "The Surgeon of Silicon." A more pleasant guy you are never going to find. I had asked for a referral at the fuel stop, then again at an RV repair shop near the campsite, and yet again at the campsite. Everyone said, "Call George." There was just cause: he is a master of the process and a hole I wasn't too sure could be fixed at all is now virtually invisible. How sure is George that the repair will last? He offers a two year guarantee on the job. With the wink of an eye and a pleasing grin he adds, "Two years...or two miles, whichever comes first." (George emailed after I posted this to add a "ha! ha! after the "2 mile gag" - I've no doubt his guarantee is every bit as good as the quality of his work...which is simply excellent)
And like all good doctors, dentists and surgeons, George is blessed with a wonderful "coach-side manner." As he started to drill out the ding for repair, he glanced at me over his shoulder and said, "Now let me know if this hurts...."
All of you headed to Alaska: You will require glass services! You DO want George to take care of you. He took our biggest ding to date and "healed it" without even the "scar" left by our other trips to the windshield clinic. Thanks Doc!

George Sahlstrom, Glass Magnum, Glass Doctor, Surgeon of Silicon makes a nasty ding in the windshield just plain go away. Note Marilyn inside supervising the job.

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George Sahlstrom said...

Meeting you guys, and following along in your blog your tremendous adventure through the Yukon and Alaska has definitely been a highlight of the year!