Tuesday, March 31, 2009

East Coast Weather, Hail Yes!

Here we are back on the East Coast of the US near our PA base of Reading. Actually, for now we are parked in the Amish farm country just outside of Lancaster. It's a pleasant campground surrounded on three sides by farm land and on the front on Rt 30, which makes it perfect for quiet surroundings and being close enough to businesses to take care of business.

Ah but the weather. Clear skies of the west - gone. Dry air of the west- gone. Cool nights and warm days of the west- gone. Drizzle, yes. Rain, yes. Wind, yes. Dark clouds, yes. Storms, yes. In fact, "hail" yes. Heavy rain hitting the coach is loud in its own right. But hail? The closest thing I can think of to describe the sound would be if I had especially sensitive hearing and was forced to curl up on the bottom of a pop corn machine and just huddle there while someone whipped up a double batch. Popping, banging, objects ricocheting and bouncing all over the place. Add to that the constant worry that that ginormous front windshield or one of three sky lights would split down the middle at any given second. Well, on this occasion, none of that happened, but the odds were in favor of just that as this predominantly 1/2 inch size hail was mixed in with plenty of one inch size ice balls of terror.

OK Thank you. Enough with the reminders that it is ONLY March and not REALLY Spring yet and that the weather is pretty much always like this here at this time of year. Had I forgotten? Not really. Did I need reminding? Not really. But have I been reminded? Hail Yes!

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