Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just A Blurb...

Hurray! The Gold Prospector Magazine for Mar/Apr 09, the official publication of the Gold Prospectors Association of America, has arrived here in Arizona from our mail forwarder in Florida. We made another issue!!! They have used the photo of the two of us metal detecting in Athens, Michigan on page 73, which is the page that displays the 2009 Outing Schedule for common digs. It's nice because this is at least the third time they have used a picture of us in their publication. Oh, I guess it's no big deal, but I must confess it feels kind of special to us since we enjoy our memberships in GPAA and LDMA so very much. We've made incredible friends all across the country by participating in the educational events, gold shows, common digs and outings. We've come a long way in both miles and knowledge since we hitched our mule to those organizations. Glad to feel like part of the family! The cover of this issue shows a young lady who found herself a two oz. nugget in Arizona. You go girl!

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