Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Major Impact

A desert rainbow wished us a pleasant farewell as we pulled out of Sedona headed off to see the Meteor Crater. A tire issue that has been plaguing us for over a week now has seemingly been remedied by a new valve stem extension that apparently had a very small and very slow leak. And the float valve in the water heating system that quit about the same time (I put a temporary bypass on the board to keep it functional temporarily), got a permanent (I hope) fix at an RV dealer on the way out of town. Life is good when everything on board is working up to par.

Must have made a major impact! It's still just the way I remembered it from when I was here 51 years ago. Meteor Crater near Holbrook, AZ, that is. The crater was formed some 50,000 years ago, give or take a century, when a meteor 150 feet across crashed into the earth with the force of 1000 nuclear bombs and carved a hole a mile across and 500 feet deep. It's impressive. You may have trained a telescope on the moon to look at the craters on the moon. Well, here is the real deal right here on earth. Astronauts train here. The lunar landing module was given trials here. Studies of craters all across the galaxy are based on first hand findings here. It's a very space age kinda place. Of all the places we have been and the marvelous things we have seen over the course of a lifetime- this is one of my favorites. I don't really know why- just is...

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Anonymous said...

I remember the tour group, we really love the pictures you took, and have fun on the road! Best wishes.
The Lavender Family