Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cosmic Quad Riders....OR...Sunny and Sher

As the stars and the heavens and the powers that be would have it - we wound up in Cottonwood, Arizona, right outside of Sedona and the Red Rock State Park area, parked right next to one of the Cosmic Cousin Couples, Ken (Marilyn's cousin) and Linda. We don't really plan it this way, but our paths cross with regularity it seems and we sometimes wind up at exactly the same place at the same time. It's a wonderful coincidence when it happens and we always welcome the fun times we have when it does. Here's a shout out to the other Cosmics, Bob and Susan!

While we have fallen in love with quad riding in the desert southwest, Ken and Linda have been paddling their way around in their kayaks and playing golf out here (and everywhere they go). They were curious about the quad riding so we looked for an ATV Tour service where they could rent machines, try them out, and get a nice desert ride tour at the same time. We hooked up with ARIZONA ATV ADVENTURES (who just coincidentally is one of our Google advertisers, thank you very much) and made arrangements for a tour of the Red Rock Area outside of Sedona. For those of you who may never have made it out to Arizona, it is a beautiful state and this area is for sure one of THE most beautiful! It seemed like a perfect opportunity. The company let us ride along with our bike, so we were able to share Ken and Linda's first ride with them. It made for a special day! Especially since there was a larger group for the tour this day and the group was to be split in half in order to keep the initial instruction and then the tour of a more personal nature.

Now it was a beautiful day (sunny, that is to say) and our guide was the full-of-personality-and-cool, chap-wearing Sher, in case you were wondering what in the heck I was trying to do with the title of this post. Our tour was our guide, our bike, and Ken and Linda's bike. We had the ride all to ourselves the way it worked out. Sher was an "easy rider" on some challenging trails, a good instructor and guide, and made certain we got access to the best spots for photos and "awe shucks" vistas. She guided us to increasingly sporty trails which gave Ken the chance to gain his confidence, get the feel of the bike, and tackle more challenging riding tasks as the day went on. As Sher was the guide, she rode up front in the "dust free" zone. Then came Ken. We brought up the tail gunner position. As Ken got more and more confident, we ate more and more of his dust! Atta boy Cosmic Ken! Give it right to 'em.

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