Monday, March 9, 2009

Red Rock Country

Marilyn found some literature at the Sedona Chamber of Commerce that said (this is a paraphrase only) that while God had certainly created the Grand Canyon, He had obviously chosen Sedona as the place where He wished to reside. Two things: That sounds a bit presumptuous and self serving to me. And I think who ever came up with that line had never been to Alaska - my personal choice as to the earthly domain of God, assuming He has chosen one.

But having said that, I am quite willing to admit that the Sedona area just might run a close second to the Big A in that regard. Our friend Miss Joan and other SW lovers will certainly want to continue the discussion. They do have their points! Maybe. I say MAYBE Arizona is the second most beautiful state we have visited. In addition to its natural beauty and majesty, there is always something new and exciting to do and see. Our time here has been well spent.

For some of the day to day doings in the Sedona area, I will refer you to the LinKen Travels. Marilyn's cousin Ken and wife Linda have spent the week here with us and already done a superb job of retelling the story of the week. All you need do to read that blog is click on the in line link provided in this paragraph. See the March 4 post entitled "Sedona Area." Lots of still shots and one, two, three slide shows! See? I told you there was a lot to do here!

For this post, I'd like to focus on the sights we found in Red Rock Country- Sedona, and the Village of Oak Creek area- the countryside and a few of the stops along the way.

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Suzanne and Brad said...

We're in Sedona now as well! Leaving tomorrow, but have enjoyed our week stay here - might want to check out some things to do on our blog:

Happy Travels & Enjoy!
Suzanne & Brad