Thursday, March 19, 2009

Color Me Colorado

It's official. Tonight we are parked in Seibert, Colorado. We entered the state from New Mexico and for about a half hour we had dynamic vistas of the snow capped Rockies and plenty of steep declines as we descended from the nearly 8000 feet we hit as we crossed into the next to last state we need for our colored visited states map. Cool! Then, rather than head for the mountains and Denver, we hooked a right and headed East across the grasslands on Comanche National Grasslands Park (which took us across Apache Creek). The sand colored dried winter grass was a sharp contrast to the bright blue of the cool windy sky. Excepting for a few buttes and bluffs off in a distance, this was a High Plains kinda day. Easy viewing. Easy driving. The campground has no water yet unless you drag a hose from the house. A few buds but nothing else on the few trees around. The lawns are the same tan as the Plains. It's a simple beauty that belies the outrageous beauty of other portions of this state. We have friends here who are elsewhere as we travel by. That is understandable. Still cold. Dormant. Miss you! But next time.

All I can say for now: ....And then there was one!

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Ken and Linda said...

Yay!! One more to go!! Congrats.