Monday, March 9, 2009

It's All Down Hill From Here...

Jerome is to Arizona what Denver is to Colorado: the mile high city. But Jerome, a city that started as a tent city in support of a copper mining industry grew into what was, at one time, the fourth largest city in the Arizona territory. It also had the reputation as being the "wickedest town in the west." Additionally it has been called the "largest ghost town in America." Some of those tags have come and gone with the times, but one thing will likely always be true of Jerome: it is the "most vertical city in the country." And having spent the day first driving there, and then walking around town, we can confirm that is the case. In most cities the blocks are positioned side by side. Not in Jerome- they are more "stacked" than anything. It can be as much as three flights of stairs you need to climb in order to get from a gift shop to the burger joint. The city was four times destroyed in part by monster fires, but to this day many of the buildings existing were present during the hay day of the copper mine. Some are in ruins but still add to the history and charm of the place. Many have been turned into artist studios and galleries. Many have become gift shops and eateries. The view from absolutely everywhere in town is a jaw dropper. Here are some images from Jerome.

Could this be the smallest visitor center in America?

Haunted Burger serves mile high burgers with a great view...

One of the neatest shops in town had all kinds of kaleidoscopes, including this one at the entrance that focused in on a planter. Both the planter and the kaleidoscope turned for a really neat effect.

A sample view from almost anywhere in Jerome:

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