Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Succulents Of The South West

Since we arrived in the general "direction" of the South West part of the country, I've been keeping a file of my best and/or favorite shots of cactus and other succulents. My idea was that I would deliver it to the blog as a special slide show backed by some nice "flutey" Indian music. And I made it as far as having some terrific music on my Picasa slide show on my computer, but I'll be gosh darn if I can upload the music along with the slide show for now. I could put it up on YouTube, then link to that - but the quality of the images is not so hot, and I guess for now I would just rather share some good (at least I think so) pics from our trip. I will continue to work at getting the skills I need to get the job done, but for now...and as we head away from the SW and back toward the East, I think I should just "get the show on the road," so to speak. So, enjoy.....

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