Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No El Stayo

Made in Japan. Made in Korea. Made in China. We may not like the concept very much here in the good ole US of A, but over time the “goods” of these countries became fairly, well, good (especially cars and cameras and electronics) and they became an important element of our every day economy. Hecho en Honduras? Sure your jeans and a lot of your shirts are “assembled” in Honduras- where we lived for 5 years. But made in Mexico? Especially when it comes to El Cheapo and El Fasto dentistry work? Not real sure that’s ever gonna catch on in a big way! Why? Because my miracle 40 minute crown, made to short order specs in Algodonas, Mexico, just south of the border from Yuma, Arizona, lasted exactly 15 days (to the minute) before it gave up the ghost and popped itself right back out of my mouth. No me gusta! Am I upset? No, not really. For starters, it wasn’t a terrific job, but it did make for a terrific story (this being Part Dos). And for certain, a crown in Mexico does not cost anything like a crown here in the states. It is not an INVESTMENT. Those of you that hold dear the idea that you get what you pay for are correct, at least as it applies to dentistry. And so it goes…. The “new tooth” I said seemed fine a short while back and expressed my hope that it would El Lasto and El Stayo in place? She gone, mon. But not to worry. By the end of this day, I will have a brand spanking new Southern California crown in place. Having met with the dentist yesterday, I actually expect this one to fit pretty well. There is a plan, not a wing and a prayer. Made in Mexico? I’ll stick with the sombreros and serapes, maybe the Marguaritas; hay muchas gracias!

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