Saturday, January 31, 2009

California, here I come....

We pulled into Pio Pico in San Diego County, Southern California after what turned out to be a long day on the road getting here. The wind on the top of the mountains was so bad that it took two of us to keep the door from getting ripped off when we needed to stop to check the brake lights on the tow vehicle. We'd heard talk of awnings getting torn off coaches here- even when they weren't extended! This was such a day. And as it was blowing DOWN HILL as we crested the top, it felt like we would be thrown down the mountain. The other side of the mounatin. Where the bear went. To see what he could see. But slow and easy won the race and we made it safely across. Pio Pico is in the hills in southern Cal. as well. No cell phone. No computer. So trips "out" to take care of business and keep in touch will be the order of the stay- something on the order of 11 days. We don't have a sewer hookup here either, just water and electric, so the quad is helping out by towing the "blue boy" to the dump station. Beats harnassing Greg up to that honey wagon and whipping him to get him going!

Ya hate to sound too whimpy, but all three of us! are tired from playing so hard with our Arizona friends and having way too much fun crammed into a short period. So today was a day of reorganization and "potsing" around with things we've been putting off. It felt good. And this close to Tijuana, it felt like the proper thing to do was get out the sombreros and take a little siesta. Abby got right into the spirit of things as illustrated. Oh, that girl can nap!

So California's on the map now. The "visited states map company" has apparently been taken over, so now Hawaii is showing on the new version. That should make Marjie happy! Officially though, we're down to three remaining states to color in- Nevada, Colorado, and that gosh darn North Dakota. Hmmmmmmmm.

And the new map company has a Mexico mapping program as well, so hopefully when I get a chance (and have enough battery time left) I can add that widget to the blog. Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! And now....California dreaming.

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