Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mean, Green, Composite Machine

We purchased a Honda Rincon ATV in Pennsylvania. We put a winch on it in Ohio. Got a cover for it in North Carolina. A cargo basket and rear carry bag in Arizona. A whip (an 8 ft. flag to mark the rider behind hills) we found on a day trip to California, which is the next stop on the trip after our stay here in Yuma. Today we headed into town for riding gloves, rear view mirrors, and the helmets that we must have for riding in California. To that end, we sropped by RySon Motorsports on the North Frontage Road in Yuma where Gary said the best selection and deals on helmets was to be had. That proved to be spot on AND we got a demo on how to use goggles, not from the owner, but from the "owner-to-be", his son, who was as "into" motor sports as anyone I ever met. He was also a very accomplished salesman, as demonstration is a great sales technique. We were tickled by the good service and thought it appropriate to mention the business and the staff here. On the way back from that shop we picked up a small American flag to add to the whip, leaving only the "horn" to be located and installed to complete the package.

Such is life on the road and being constantly on the move. Seldom can everything that needs doing be completed in the calm and comfort of a single stop. It is challenging, but fun at the same time, and doing business with people is just another way to meet and make new friends along the way.

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