Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Squeeze Me, Baby

Today has been a day of preparation and provisioning for what should be a 4-day, 3 night, atv ride into the desert. As busy as we have been, even that is a stretch of time and energy, but too good an opportunity to pass up. Sorry to say I have taken a few short cuts with our large group ride of a day ago. We trailered the bikes and buggies to the starting point, then rode across the flats and dunes to a place they call Graffiti Valley. It's not a place where someone wrote ON the rocks, but rather a place where everyone since General Patten's training troops were stationed here writes in the desert WITH rocks. It was reminiscent of rock writings we say on the way to Alaska. Then off to a canyon ride they call The Squeeze. Starts out something like a quarter of a mile wide and gets narrower as the ride goes on. Some places you jump off your ride and walk back even narrower ravines just to see what there is to see. We finished the ride at what most assuredly is a gigantic chunk of coral - right there in the middle of the desert. It doesn't get much more curious than that.
Here's a slide show of the day's images:

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