Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Best Westerns"

The more we have explored the South West, the more I have been thinking about the old Western movies and TV shows that were in their heyday as I was growing up. And the most recent foray into the desert on a quad camping trip really put me back in touch with a lot of the lives and times portrayed in those flicks. Then recently a friend sent me a link to an audio/video clip about just those very matters. To be clear, this is not a production I had any hand with in any way. But since it's circulating in the public domain, I doubt anyone will mind if I share it with you. It will play for a while. There is a delay in the middle where the music changes and relaunches the second part of the video. Hang in there through the whole piece. You will see all your old favorites and many you may have forgotten. It's a true nostalgia piece, and I hope you will enjoy it....

Click on Westerns to view.

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