Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Goes By The Books

Happy New Year! 2008 is in the books. Strange year from the perspective of finances, politics, and world events perhaps, but another excellent and exciting year on the road for us. Last year at this time we had ticked off (or should I say "counted") 32 of the 49 states possible to visit by RV without the aid of a giant ferry boat to Hawaii. (Although we did visit Margie in Mississippi and she's from Hawaii if you think that should count...) This year we are mapping 45 of the 49, with only Nevada, California, Colorado and North Dakota left to visit for the fist time. The first three states mentioned SHOULD be a done deal by Spring (in the Rockies), but I'm thinkin' I screwed up big time by missing North Dakota when I could have, should have, gone there. We did manage two more Canadian Provinces (Maritimes) this year as well.

Compared to the 23, 571.9 miles we drove last year, 12,137.1 this year doesn't seem all that impressive, but keep in mind diesel got up there near 6 smackers a gallon and we hold (and use) a lot of gallons. Besides which, the targeted states list is getting smaller, so it doesn't seem like as much of a hurry to reach them all- at least within a certain time frame. With a gallon about 2 bucks a whack now, filling up is a great deal more fun than it was there for a while.

Life on the road continues to hold our interest and out attention. The ongoing discussion of where we may wish to settle next is seemingly far from resolution. Still really like Florida, which is where we started this adventure from. Still like Alaska at the far distant extreme of our travels. Alaska calls to us all the time; however, the long winter nights and sub zero temperatures are doing a bit of hollering of their own.The surprise state of the now going- on- three- year stint to me has been North Carolina and I'm not sure I know exactly why, but I have enjoyed it very much each time we stay in or pass through...and we have done that quite a few times already. New Hampshire and Vermont were quite nice, but I'm really not thinking of returning to New England. Marilyn enjoys the combo of desert and mountains, but sustainable water issues steer us away from living in the desert regions.

Like last year, I am fighting the temptation to list all the places we went and the things we did, many of which we had never done before. If it's of interest to you, and you haven't been previously following the blog, I invite you to use the archives to go back in time and play catch up.

If there is big news (even if for now it is only "little" big news (which is not to be confused with the Little Bighorn, which we did go see) it is that we are actually now earning some revenues from the Google Ads which pop up like magic - new and different each time the subject matter of the blog changes. The blog began as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends- letting them know where we were and what we were doing and seeing, but it rapidly became of interest to others, including those we wrote about, friends of friends who took an interest in the lifestyle or the regions being visited, folks whose faces showed up on our photo journal entries, and mostly to my great surprise, people who are "into" blogs who just happen across our endeavor and for whatever reason decide to follow along, either regularly or from time to time. Afew readers actually say they do so because they like the way I write. Well, don't I feel special? If you'd care to make a contribution to our effort (NO, don't send cash in an envelope!) just click on any Google Ad that may be of interest to you. OK, I reconsidered, you CAN send cash in an envelope if you really feel you must! Just don't be looking for a receipt!

But for whatever reason we are all riding the "bus" together, we thank you for riding along. Friends are the best part of the journey...and we're glad you're riding along!

2009: Here we come!

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