Monday, January 26, 2009

Connecting With The Past

All this month we have been "playing" with friends that we met in Alaska. It is great fun now. And it was great fun THEN as well. When I wrote about Lynn and Judy Yoder a while back I had a link to the Chicken, Alaska experience where we met them. And I thought I would offer you some links to our time in Alaska with Gary and Judy Skaggs as well. I've been so pleased with the response to our Arizona adventures, that surely you might enjoy some of the Alaska experience. If you do enjoy some of these posts, you can read the entire Alaska adventure by using the archive to go back to all of the posts from May, June, July, August, and September of 2007.

These links will take you to selected posts along the way:

The Fourth of Alaska (talks about Clint's race up Marathon Mt.)

Alaska Wildlife Photos

Beautiful Downtown Anchorage

Flat Top

More Odds And Ends (includes the story behind Moose Turd Pie)

Up By Palmer Creek

Hope And Resurrection

Flowers of Hope and Resurrection

Ninilchik Hub
(quad riding on the beach)

"Barn" To Be Wild
(hog racing and a state fair)

Alaska In Review

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