Monday, February 9, 2009

San Diego On The Pacific

Despite the fact that the weather man was calling for on going rain, we caught a break in the action with only two days left in the area and headed into the city to see the sights of San Diego. From the get-go we were impressed by the city. It’s clean, colorful, artsy, easy to navigate (considering it’s California which I find a bit intimidating to begin with) and there are sights, sounds and activities any which way you turn. We drove around for a while just to get the feel of the place, then dropped by some particular points of interest. We hit the Seaport Village on the waterfront, the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum (used to be The Midway), The Bob Hope Tribute Sculpture near the Waterfront Fish Market, the cruise ship terminal, Point Loma Light House, Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (the most beautiful cemetery I have ever seen by a long shot), the Cabrillo National Monument and Park where we and a host of others crawled around the rocks, the beach, and searched the tide pools for treasures of the sea. Then we drove across the bridge to Coronado to see the sand beaches on the Pacific proper. It was a magnificent day. So is San Diego. And what’s not to love about the Pacific?

With only three states left to visit at this point, we have crossed the country Atlantic to Pacific and back twice now. Depending on how you look at the map, I guess you could say we’ve done that 2 ½ times or more. For a portion of the journey we jogged back and forth from ocean to the Mississippi as we worked our way through as many states as we could in any given period of time. We’ve also traveled from Gulf of Mexico to Gulf of Alaska and back, and through quite a bit of Canada, so we’re really starting to get a feel for the size and majesty of North America. But there is still so very much to see and so very much to do. The challenge I suppose will be to do all that remains AND spend progressively more time in the places we have zeroed in on as we continue traveling the highways and byways of this incredible land.

Hope you’ll enjoy the images of the trip into San Diego:

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