Friday, February 6, 2009

Burma Shave...

I used to love to sit in the back seat of the family car driving down the road reading all the nifty "community service" or otherwise cutesy sayings of the old Burma Shave commercials. I don't think I've seen one since I've been out of high school, but sure enough we found one still up, running, and in good shape in the little town of Jamul, California. Since this one is voicing what I've been muttering ever since we arrived here in this state, I thought it should be included in the blog. I don't know where California drivers learned to drive. Maybe Massachusetts? But where ever it was they came to posses an aggression I've not seen anywhere else. The posted speed limit apparently means nothing. Nor the double yellow line. Nor any other road signs that I would think bears careful attention. They don't seem to mind too much that I do try to abide by the signage- so long as I don't have a hissy fit about being passed simultaneously on the left and the right at something approaching 20 miles over the posted speed limit! And manors? If they exist, no one has yet to demonstrate them while they are behind the wheel.

Burma Shave

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