Monday, May 28, 2012

Trailriding Outside of Zion

While the holiday crowd packed the National Park, we packed up the ATV and headed out of camp in the opposite direction with the idea of getting far from the madding crowd. It worked. Only two miles down the road from camp, we turned off the main road and crossed the Virgin River and headed out onto the series of trails called the Hurricane Cliffs Trail System. Had a wonderful ride, took in the trail sites and venues that held some interest beyond the beautiful scenery and when we eventually came back out onto the highway we stopped for some buffalo burgers and some cactus flavored ice cream which we sat and ate under a grape arbor with a bunch of bikers. We had the only 4-wheeler in the lot!


keyward9 said...

Cactus flavored ice cream? Doesn't sound real tasty?

Greg said...

Actually, cactus fruit tastes very much like a "mild" peach. This was the first time I had it and thought it was excellent!