Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day at Joshua Tree

Well we packed everything up a few days early and headed off to Southern California to meet up with Dickie and Sarah who were on a climbing vacation at Joshua Tree National Park. It didn't seem possible we would find hotter temps here than the 100 - 103 we had back in Brenda, but guess what- 104 - 108 here so far. Goodie! Still, the place is beautiful and may not have ever made it onto out "to do" list if it hadn't been for their choosing it for a vacation so close to us that it was impossible to pass up a visit. Last night we joined them at their campsite in the park at the base of a boulder that, once it cooled off a bit, was scrambling with climbers. It was interesting to see and learn something about what, and how, they do what they do to get up and then down those rocks and cliffs safely. And of course it is always great to see family.

We'll join them again this evening in town for a get together dinner at a funky little dinner place and then they head home and we head further into the park to see what there is to see. Here's a couple of the pics so far...

campsite at Joshua Tree

mojitos before dinner

our traveling herb/mint pot

registered Maine guide tending taters

steak headed for the grill

How'd they get up there anyhow???

Joshua Tree

first one up

scrambling up the rocks

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Donna K said...

I love those huge boulders in Joshua Tree. It sure can get hot there though. It's usually quite a bit cooler up top at the lookout.