Saturday, May 19, 2012

Not Your Typical Vegas

For our first Vegas adventure we headed out of town, not down towards the Strip. Just minutes and just miles outside of town is Red Rock Canyon. With over 2000 climbing routes, it is one of the top rock climbing destinations in the country. It seemed like the natural choice for us having been in Joshua Tree last destination. Lots of rocks. Cool rocks. Beautiful rocks. Physically, though, the park is considerably smaller than J Tree, so a loop of 13 miles give you an introduction to the park.We weren't lucky enough to see any of the wild horses that roam the park, nor did we see any desert tortoises.

My favorite picture from the park was this one of Marilyn (look hard- she's in the bottom right hand corner of the shot). Putting someone up against the big face of the rocks is really the only way to illustrate the scale of the place.

Our second stop of the day was at the Ethel M Chocolate factory, home of both fine chocolates and M&Ms. Being Saturday, the plant was not operating but we walked through and then walked through their world class cactus garden of about 2 acres out in front of the factory. I had samples. Not Sunday though, so Marilyn took a pass. Bummer!

Slide show from the day follows:

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heyduke50 said...

we too are in Vegas and our first visit was at the Red Rocks, fantastic place!