Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Images From Vegas

Five hours we walked on hard concrete in 100 degree weather on "The Strip." I lugged my camera but wished I hadn't so I only took a few images this day. Couldn't see the sense to re-photographing the same buildings I'd shot the last time we were here, so only the things that caught my fancy on a really hot day made the mix.

But I'm (hopefully) using the new Blogger to link to the last Vegas post with a slide show for anyone that wants the usual pics.

 We had the good fortune (Vegas Talk Baby) to spend some time with my cousin Nan and her husband Barry. They came to see our digs and we went for a BBQ at theirs the following evening. It's been a loooonnng time and the visit was a whole lot of fun! Nan is a dealer in the poker room at Bally's Casino.


A look at the slide show and remarks from our last visit to Vegas:
Click the above link for a lot more images from Vegas!!!

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Donna K said...

A trip to Vegas is always fun, even if you are seeing the same sights. The people watching always provides new interest!!