Sunday, May 13, 2012

Super Moon Ends Super Season

The end of a marvelous winter in Brenda, Arizona at the Desert Gold RV Resort came with a bang- the super moon, so called, gave punctuation to what was certainly a super season in the desert. It was another year of sensational desert blooming, critter sightings, atv rides, landscaping jobs, and yes, re-paving the streets to the park which will go a lonnnnnnnng way to helping make the place less of a dust bowl than the desert already is. We saw lots of old friends while in the area, had some visitors, and got caught in a "haboob" a massive dust storm the makes you want to honker down behind your camel to get out of the sandblast zone. Our work around our own site and those of our immediate neighbors led to the park asking us to redesign and install a new cactus garden at the entrance to the park. That was a hoot! The season end came fast and furious as we moved up our departure by a few days so we could hook up with Marilyn's son and Sarah in Joshua Tree in Southern California before they ended their rock climbing expedition there. We worked on so many things this year that closing up shop, securing the area, and putting everything back in its travel space took more time than planned. In the relentless 100 plus degree heat of most of the last month, that was a bit draining. But fun. And we enjoyed every minute of this season, with the possible exception of the coughing spells from the bronchitis that we both had and held on to for too long. A lot of people had that particular problem this time a round, so keeping the dust out of the lungs as much as possible was worth whatever you had to do to accomplish that. Some of us looked like this....
Funny how you can see a big smile even behind all that mask!

Well, there were way too many photos and way to precious little time to tell the story of the last month well, so let's just let the pictures tell it like it was.

Here are some of the pants from our garden, White's garden, Pellitterr's garden, the common gardens we built this year and some from the desert.

Some of the critters:

A few birds:

A ride a round Alamo Lake:

Our landscaping job at the park entrance:

The re-paving of the park roads (hurray!):

And, of course, the super moon!

This year's posts have all been tagged "Arizona and Beyond." Well, here comes the Beyond!

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