Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Long Way To Bryce

There was a shorter road from Zion to Bryce Canyon, but a switchback road and a tunnel that wasn't suitable for us forced us to take the longer road- 135 miles. It seemed as though that was too bad to run the extra miles but it turned out to be our good fortune as after entering the Dixie National Forest land we passed through  a five mile stretch called Red Canyon. THAT was a blessing. We pulled over where and when we had the opportunity with the coach, but once we landed and set up camp we beat feet back there in the van to get a few more pictures. It was that beautiful and different from anything we'd ever seen.

Base camp for our Bryce and area visit is Ruby's Inn and RV Park. It's a big campground, plenty roomy, not as polished as the Zion River Resort but cell phone and mifi works good here and that's a huge plus in this type of terrain. Ruby has a corner on everything here- Inn, campground, general store, tourist attractions, shuttle parking lot, state store, fuel (at reasonable prices) and more. You can rent both horses and ATV's very close to camp, take guided tours of the area, and there is also a small airport here in case you want to get up in the air while you are here. Pretty much everything you could want is right here- no need to head into town which is quite a ways off anyhow. As Kenny Rogers used to say, or was it just the guy in his song, "At Ruby's don't take your love to town...." or something like that!

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