Friday, November 21, 2008

ICE At Gaylord Palms

For the second year in a row we stopped in Orlando on our way out of Florida for a visit to the fabulous ICE sculpture show at the Gaylord Palms Resort. The gigantic arena at the facility is the scene for a display of ice sculptures created by some 40 Chinese ice carvers who are brought in each year to create a new show. So, yes, the entire show IS made BY China but not IN China. There are some similarities from year to year, the manger scene in ice, some angels, some animals, a candy cane house, a Santa or two, an ice slide- but there are certainly plenty of changes that make the show worth seeing year after year. And it really is quite awesome! The show promoters provide very warm insulated jackets for attendees- it's kept at 9 degrees inside, so it can get pretty cold pretty fast. By the time we leave, our "camera" hands are pretty close to being ice as well.

But this is Florida. It can't be entirely cold. So the tropical theme is present inside the ice show as well as out and about the Gaylord Resort. Hot chocolate for everyone in the atrium under the big Christmas Tree after the show. And in the outdoor swimming complex, the giant octopus slide/fountain that was under construction last year was in full regalia. A few of those images will show up in the slide show that follows:

If you'd like to go back in the blog to last year's ICE show, CLICK HERE.

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