Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I couldn't resist including a look at the old dry lake (above) at the Orlando Thousand Trail Park as we prepared to head out early in the morning, headed off toward the panhandle en route to see the Pacific Ocean on the "left" coast of the country. There will be many stops along the way for exploration and adventure.

Stop #1- Ho-Hum RV Park in Carrabelle, Florida, home of the Florida Oyster beds (from here to Apalachicola).

Ho-Hum may be an OK name for a small rv park on the deserted (forgotten) coast of the Florida panhandle, but it has nothing to do with a two day visit with Bouncing Bodacious Bob and Precious Polly, who are doing a seasonal stint as hosts at the campground. The two of them, along with Jim and Chris (Geeks On Tour) were the very first official friends we made after starting the full time RV lifestyle. Good people (and fun people) all, we have maintained and grown the relationships over the last couple years, meeting each other here and there across the country as we all go about our personal discovery tours.

Ho-Hum? I don't think so. The beach we were parked right up against, literally, was pretty much undeveloped and still had a lot of the natural beauty of the gulf coast. From here west along the panhandle coast, the sand becomes more and more "white sugar" and looks a whole lot like a light covering of snow. Fortunately, it's not. We headed out for dinner at a local seafood eatery the first night there. It was a late night! Not that we partied late into the night. Not even close. But something about one of those seemingly delicious oysters was not up to par and let's leave it at saying I wasn't feeling too good afterwords. Then there were the two wasps (one little one and one gigantic one) that "snuck" into the coach. Marilyn dispatched one of them but the second and largest of the two stung her on the little finger, creating quite the extreme, but luckily short-lived, painful experience. But all of this pales in comparison to Bob's rapid fire, one after another, comic offerings. I'm thinking he should try out for Last Comic Standing.

Two nights in Ho Hum park? $56.00
One plate of fried oysters $14.00
One bee sting no charge
Being with friends who make us smile and laugh.....Priceless!

Just a Ho-Hum Slide Show:

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