Saturday, November 8, 2008

Eagles Roost, Georgia

A short day from Atlanta to Lake Park, GA, on the border with Florida, so tomorrow we will stop just short of "home" and pull into Punta Gorda the following day. The campground here, Eagles Roost, is on a big lake and loaded with big old trees, live oaks, pecans and some other nut types we couldn't identify. Abby and I set up camp and then scouted the nut trees out for anything good- but found the nuts bitter. Either there is a secret to ripening these nuts properly that I don't know about (quite possible) or these trees are too old to produce tasty fruits. Don't know! Nice to be back amongst the Spanish moss and sago palms and a few other species that start showing up "this far north."

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Anonymous said...

Greg and Marilyn: Regarding the nuts in your Eagles Roost post. They were probably a member of the Hickory nut family, Bitternut
Hickory (Carya cardiformis0 and they are very bitter. Nothing like the wonderful Shagbark Hickory which are delicious. Joan