Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another New Feature- Where in the World Is Gundyville?

You'll find it on the side bar (to the left and down a mite bit). It's a new "live" Google Map with our past, present, and future travel plans- or at least as far out as they A) go so far, or B) as I have had the opportunity to make updates for. Like all things Google - It's Cool. You can enlarge the map to see more of the route and stops. Drag it to a better position. Zoom in or out. Click on a map tack to see where we were, where we are, or where we're headed and the dates we either were...or expect to be there. And as I get a little more experience with it, maybe even some news, weather, photos, notes, or what have you. But for now, it's pretty straight forward. Please give it a try. Check it often for new features if you'd care to.

I'd be remiss if I did not credit my Geeky pals Jim and Chris for "educatin' me" on this here bloggin' stuff - and, yes, I did mean to spell them just like that! Blogger's license. It's like poetic license, only looser! I just wish I could pick up and get these new elements a bit faster than I do so I didn't have to post stuff like this at 2 in the morning when I should be getting some sleep for a long drive tomorrow. You too can learn computer skills beyond your pay grade just by checking out their on line video tutorials. I know I do! Some times I even amaze myself!!!

Night all!

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Chris said...

Another A+ for my star student!! What a great idea to use the marker with a dot to represent past and no dot to represent future. Sorry we missed you in Florida - I'll bet we were within a few miles at one point. We were in Punta Gorda on Nov 19.