Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Annual Checkup Too Complete

Well, it wasn't fun. But it is DONE! Blood work. Check. Physical. Check. Eye doctor. Check, but with a couple new issues to watch in the future. Dentist. Check. Chipped tooth fixed. No cavities! Veterinarian. Check. Abby was sick for three days (oh yuk) but better now. Stuff we don't need taken to storage. Stuff we probably do - taken from storage to the coach. Coach washed and waxed. (waxa on, waxa off, karate kid style) Van washed and waxed. Apologies to the friends we fully intended to visit with but just couldn't because of time constraints. Did have some quality time with the Waddells from next door, George, Theresa and Bea from "The Hood", and Captain Larry and Carol. We have resolved to make next years stay here an extended one so we can touch bases with all our old crowd and not have to short anyone. Besides, it's a real nice part of Florida and the more time we get elsewhere, the more we understand just what a good choice we made when we settled here for a bit some six years or so ago. No Florida Keys this year; will surely miss that. ICE show in Orlando on the way out and then.......WEST! We Go.

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