Friday, November 7, 2008

Headed South

Headed south again for the annual pilgrimage to doctors, dentists, etc. - all based in Florida. The day's run through the Carolinas was beautiful and for the first time ever we saw the best Fall foliage there and not in New England. Simply beautiful! This evening finds us just south of "Hotlanta" in Georgia. Having driven much of the country, Atlanta is my new least favorite place to drive. In truth it's been at the top of that list since the first time I drove through that city towing going back a couple years. Roads too wide, lanes too narrow, traffic too fast, and road manners basically missing. But I hasten to add that that is a commentary only on driving through the place. The place itself is very nice and there is much to explore- like one of the best aquariums in the country, previously featured in this blog.

The weather deteriorated shortly after our arrival and it's raining tonight as I write this. I suppose that was overdue since it has been clear and sunny and temperate during the days for the last couple weeks. And now we will begin to research what if any impact the hurricane now headed for Cuba will mean for Florida about the time we arrive on the southwest gulf coast. Another hurricane for Florida? It never ends and I suppose I should not be surprised, but somehow a bit of shock and awe always settles in. But that is for later.

The new tires are driving like a charm (knock on wood). We got a financial jolt from having to buy two new ones, but comfort and peace of mind is worth paying for. And apparently the wear problem was a "tire issue" and not a chassis problem- always good to know. Having an issue with the coach would have been a far greater problem both financially and time wise. For now- no problem. Let's roll!

I'll leave you for tonight with one last Fall color shot from North Carolina- the Honda 4 wheeler at Vein Mountain - up the hill by the cemetery:

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