Sunday, September 23, 2007

Through Utah

No extra stops for touring or photo ops. Only 7 plus hours per day of straight through driving headed east. Rest stops for doggie breaks and lunch are a must though and we try to pick the spots where a photo or two might be opportunistic. Idaho, which we traveled through the second half was pretty but not memorable. This is not to slight Idaho. I'm sure there are spectacular spots we can find another time but on this route it was more and more of the same and not much more. Utah was beautiful and called us back another time for sure, but not today. We rode along the coast of Salt Lake for a distance; it was interesting but not beautiful or even different looking from any other lake. No doubt there are some beautiful spots away from the highway to be found-also- another time. Wyoming is really beautiful and interesting geologically perhaps more so than any place we have been to date. Every hundred miles or so the scenery changes dramatically- sometimes more often. One thing we have loved seeing through most of the recent states is the sage brush. Oh, it smells so good! Herbs anyone? Add Utah to the map. Moving East!

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