Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mad Dash...

We've now added Washington, Oregon, and Idaho to the states visited map. We are making what can only be described as a mad dash across the country to help out with family stuff in PA. After that we will make another mad dash to Florida to take care of personal business there. The blog, while I would like to keep up with the progress of the travel itself, will not concern itself with many photos or "tourism" stuff for now. There simply isn't time when you are trying to drive 7-8 hours a day. Stop for photos and a tour and you are behind the eight ball for sure each and every day. Our goal now is to cover ground- not to see the country, although that has been an integral part of it for us. Who knew there was a desert in Oregon. Never though Idaho looked like this! WE note things to re-explore when time and not mission is on our side. For now- we be movin' on!
Thanks for traveling with us this last year plus. Please check in from time to time. The best is yet to come!

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Chris said...

Good luck on you travels to PA and FL.
Ride safe.