Monday, September 24, 2007

Chalk Up Nebraska

Add Nebraska to the list! Movin' East! Last night we tried to watch a little tube before going to bed early....tired. But the sound of hail on the roof of the coach is NOT the same as the gentle and relaxing sound of soft rain- no matter how heavy the rain is. So we retired a bit uneasy. The weather band on Sirius the next morning had us facing snow and other miserable weather as we proceeded East across Wyoming. Roads are excellent here, so advantage goes to the driver no matter what the weather. It turned out that all snow was a dusting and did not impact driving- we had a wonderful day- Wyoming is so beautiful at every turn that we think we would enjoy it no matter what. Oh to have the time to see things along the way. Bring me back. "Jurassic Journey" at Laramie- I'm so there, some day! The plains and prairies were loaded with hundreds upon hundreds of prong horn deer, mixed in with the Black Angus along the highway. OOOOO, "turf and turf"; serve me up a plate of that action! Between Rawlins and Casper, we crossed the Continental Divide between 7 and 8,000 feet elevation. Deceptive height as we both took a guess at 2700 feet before we pulled out my dad's altimeter and gave ourselves a check-(and before we saw the sign that gave us the altitude). Shallow summation: every river west of here dumps into the Pacific; east, goes to the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. That's an oversimplification, but you get the idea!
Weather wise, we saw what seemed to be 3 or 4 tornadoes up ahead of us as we crossed the divide, but IF they were there at all they were gone by the time we arrived at where we had thought they would be- Whew! Tomorrow the coach will roll 20,000 miles since we left on this marvelous, miraculous adventure. What a milestone! That will happen in Nebraska for sure and it may take all day to cross that without making the next state. But after that (Steve, buddy, are you ready, ski-daddy?) Kansas. Dorothy, Toto, we're coming for a visit. No OZ tornadoes, please!
Photo below represents what we contended with all day long for weather. Bad, but not too bad. Promising, but without delivering....

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