Thursday, September 27, 2007

Illini fans...

Just a mad dash howdy to our Illini fan readers. The rest of the trip across Missouri was uneventful and a bit tedious en route to Illinois- except for the two stage assault on the giant front windshields of the coach. First, we went about a hundred miles or so where the sky was just filled with migrating Monarch butterflies, many of which made Kamikaze like dive bombings into our windshield. Technically, I suppose we were the attackers and not them, but I like this slant a bit better. And then there was the flock of birds that, quite apparently, had been feasting on local Mulberry trees who ran a high flying bombing run which turned a portion of the windshield into Purple Rain. We actually had to stop, refuel, and wash the windshield before we wanted to- we could no longer see well enough to drive safely if we hadn't. Monarchs and Mulberry bird poop are not on any road hazard list I have ever seen previously. But you can add that now!

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