Saturday, September 8, 2007

Down at Dawson City

Yukon City was a fun place to visit for us. The history of mining and the Yukon Gold Rush era was a very interesting time. The tell tale signs of that era are everywhere around the city, much as they were in Fairbanks- although Dawson City had more of the old west-wild reputation for its time. The city is true to the era to this day; lots of restored original buildings and an economy that is built around those times and not away from them.

There weren't a lot of shots that I thought needed to help tell the story though. These "locked antlers" tell the story of two moose who did battle over and woman without a victor- it's a classic tale in that the tangled antlers lead to the death of both bulls- one from battle death and the other from the starvation that results in not being able to dislodge the rival. They were donated to the information house by a local outfitter. Diamond Tooth Gertie's is the talk of the town. It's a saloon, gambling joint, and night club. We went to the show because it's the one thing everone says you have to do in Dawson City. So we did. Still not sure why, though. The Can Can dancers were OK I guess, but not all that great. The food was mediocre at best and the gambling end of things intimidated us to the point where we didn't even give it a try. Twenty bucks to pull the lever on a slot machine? Not on my dime brother. Now a quarter I would have been willing to wager, but a twenty? Not after what I'm laying out for fuel in this part of the country!

Inside, Old Gertie (who is not very old it seems) was teasing the old boys in the front row. While I did sing along with Gertie on one of her numbers (at her request) it all seemed pretty tame. I'm quite sure the stage show of old had a lot more kick and a lot less costume!

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