Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thousand Trails, Orlando

Our first week at Thousand Trails, Orlando was not all that eventful. We felt like kicking back a bit and spend some not-so-on-the-go time. And there were plenty of chores to do anyway. We did have a wonderful day at Bok Tower. We've been meaning to get there for some time and it just never worked out. Saw the sights. Had a nice lunch and listened to the bell tower concert. We did do some scouting of the Orlando and Kissimmee ares, which should come in handy when we are back there in two weeks for a two week stay. We didn't do any of the Mickey Mouse stuff but maybe we'll pick a park or two to visit when we go back.

For the next two weeks we are in Malabar, Florida on the East coast. We have an absolutely awesome site right on the Indian River. Nothing between us and the water for all intents and purposes. We didn't ask for this spot but for sure it's the best in the park, and the whole park is excellent. The fishing pier is right in front of the coach. The river is extremely wide here so it may not translate well in my pics when I start taking them, but the in-person panorama can't be beat. The owner has already given us some good spots to do some kayaking and a few other things to see in the area. We are near the space center and maybe, just maybe, we will get lucky and will be able to see the Space Shuttle come down on Friday. Time will tell. Cocoa Beach is just across the bridge to the barrier islands and I'm thinking a visit to Ron Jon's Surf Shop will be in order. Happy to be here!

This will be our "home" for Christmas. Looks on the face of it like we have lucked out with a great place to spend the holidays.

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