Saturday, December 9, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

It was a bone chilling 68 degrees F. The wind ahead of the cold front whipped across the gulf side of the Keys and battered the Marathon fishing fleet to the point where they dared not venture forth from dockside. The clouds were dark and threatening and as the disgruntled captain walked passed my car in the parking lot he looked over and mumbled, "It will snow tonight for sure."
"I'm gonna walk around the dock, Marilyn, take a few pictures; wanna come along?"
"No, I think I'll sit in the car and look at these brochures."
"Wait! You're gonna sit in the car and read the brochures about the place you're at???"
With that answer, we both cracked up with laughter and it was the beginning of another great day. Only moments before we had gone to the chamber of commerce welcome center for brochures of what to see in Marathon Key. First stop on the itinerary was the fishing fleet dock. Now it was windy and it was chilly, but the irony of going to the Keys, going to the dock, then sitting in the car reading the brochures on the fishing fleet without wanting to get out of the car because it was a tad chilly was just too funny. We DID see the boats on the dock and that was that. We decided to drive a bit further south on route 1 and before we realized it we were crossing the 7 Mile Bridge and on our way to Key West for a lunch date at one of our favorite Key West haunts. We had oysters at Turtle Kraals, drove the car by the Southernmost point of the U.S., saw a few sights of Key West and headed back to Marathon.
Back at Marathon, we were staying at Curry Hammock State Park, the newest of all the Florida State Parks - and quite possibly the best as far as we are concerned. Ever read an RV magazine? Ever seen the ads for rv-ing in any magazine that show a big beautiful coach parked right at the water's edge, nothing to block it's view, no hundreds of other coaches and campers parked close by? We had always been pretty sure that magnificant spot didn't exist. But then we pulled in to Curry. Big paved roads. Big gravelled and level parking pads. Easy in. Easy out. And only a total of 28 pads or so- all with great facilities, including spotless showers and bath houses and rest rooms that actually compost whatever wastes are generated. And that view! Well, if you've seen the ad, you know what I'm talking about- nothing but the sea!
A couple more days to explore here. Maybe the weather will break a bit and that will be good. But it really doesn't matter. We're at a good spot at a good time and baby, it's not really all that cold out anyhow!

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